At CBD Scrip we are very proud about what we do. We are passionate to give our customers the highest quality products we possibly can. Pride, quality and effectiveness are at the heart of every product we make. We are not just the manufacturers, we are consumers of our own products as well. 

Their has been hundreds of heart breaking stories that come threw our emails, and hear in person. The honest truth is, we feel for every single one of them. Our mission is to not simply make money, but to better the lives of all our customers to the best of our ability. Every story we hear means the world to us, and we would love to hear all of them! Please feel free to talk to us, we are honestly here to help. 

Each and every one of our tinctures and vapables are produced in a certified ISO 7 / Class 10,000 clean room. All of our edibles are produced in our NY register commercial kitchen. From sourcing ingredients and materials, compounding materials and formulas, to production and packaging; each and every step is taking with care. 

Enough about this tho, its time to meet the team that makes it all happen! 


Charles Wagner - President & CEO

Company founder Charles Wagner from day one started the company for a cause, to improve the lives of the public. After watching his mom pass from lung cancer (Note from Charles - "Miss you mom!! Love you <3") he soon realized there had to be something he could to to help people avoid this fate, or at least ease the pain. Starting off in the e-Liquid industry, the company evolved and went into the cannabis industry, specifically CBD after reading several studies that have been preformed on this amazing supplement. 


Mark Pelaez - Vice President & COO

 Joining the team as a sales manager was a major boost for the company. Mark has quickly earned his right as Vice President. Being a true believer in the medicinal properties found in the Cannabis plant along with his friendly demeanor he quickly became a good fit into the CBD Scrip Family. 


Andrew Allen - Production Manager

Being the newest member of the team, Andrew became a vital part of the CBD Scrip family. Starting out as a retail customer, the second the position became available and he jumped at the chance to join the team. His attention to detail, cleanliness and quality are vital to the quality of all of our products.