Sanitary Products


We understand people think this is a high price. Unfortunately the cost of Isopropyl alcohol has gone from $300 per 50 gallons to $1200 for 50 gallons. We have even seen gougers on eBay selling these $300 drums for as high as $2800. Bottles are scarce and costs have also gone up 300% on these products as well due to overseas dependence nation wide on packaging. On top of this we also offer free shipping. To ship a bottle of hand sanitizer costs us approximately $3.50 to ship per bottle. We are trying to get as much product to people as possible. Any questions please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to answer any questions and concerns you may have. 

Please, all of our beloved customers remain safe and stay home. We are working as hard as we can do supply product that will help people and appreciate your help and concern. If you would like to help the cause we are processing all donated alcohol (Isopropyl or Ethanol above 70%)  and donating the bottles to local hospitals and schools.