Terpenes are an amazing set of chemicals that are often forgotten about in CBD products. Terpenes are a set of chemicals found in the plant kingdom that attribute to fragrance, and flavor. These chemicals also have health benefits to them as well (aside from making things taste amazing!) that should not be forgotten. 

Terpenes are divided up into "color classes". When you hear about a product being "Full Spectrum", this is exactly what they are talking about. This means at a minimum, there is 1 terpene from each color category in the product. 

There are hundreds of terpenes found in trace amounts in the cannabis plant, below we have listed a few of the major ones to start. We will be updating this list as time goes as well. If you  have questions on a specific one that is not listed please contact us so we can add it and get you the information your looking for! After all, information is power!

Make sure to check out our database of terpene database (coming soon) !